Kiev Institute of Business and Technology (KIBiT)

private university accredited by Ukrainian Ministry of Education

Kiev Institute of Business and Technology - is an opportunity to get quality education: full-time and part-time learning, second higher education, training and business education MBA (Business School).

With Kiev Institute of Business and Technology you can combine the academic learning process and your entrepreneurial skills, our professors help every student to open their potential.

We are happy to help in achieving the fulfillment and the success in life. KIBiT is the University, where a number of theoretical and practical training is provided for all-round development.

KIBiT is an opportunity to communicate and share knowledge and experience both within Ukraine and outside. The programs of our University includes international internships and students exchange with universities of Europe, Łódź Technical University (Poland), Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia).

In KIBiT we created modern material and technical base. Our efforts are aimed at fostering students. After all, you are the driving force that will lead the world to a new level in all spheres of public life: economic, social, political and spiritual.

We build our University as a modern multi-corporate school. The structure of the Institute unites college, university, and business school.

KIBiT is a Ukrainian University that combines cohesive team of teachers, experts and students, with priority on knowledge and creativity, rigor and professionalism, responsiveness and personal approach.

We teach others to be great at teamwork. Success - the result of the synergy of people who connects their lives with the continuous development of the individual, and what are the real leaders.

Leadership for us is primarily a responsibility and a desire to create something new.

Education in the broadest sense is the ability to see the world in all its glory. Education is an integral part of a modern, confident and open person - the one called happy.

KIBiT is confidence and trust!

The Chancellor of the Kiev Institute of Business and Technology
Elena Yakovleva, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor